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Iberico Pork

Meat Me At Home’s Iberico Pork comes from the legendary, acorn-fed Iberian black pig, known around the world for producing the exquisite Spanish Iberico Ham. Raised across Castile-La Mancha, Andalucía and Extremadura, this exceptional breed of pig produces a dark and heavily marbled meat, with a rich redness of colour that looks more like beef.

This characteristic extreme marbling of fat running through the muscles makes the Iberian pork uniquely succulent and tender, earning it a reputation as the “wagyu of pork”. The Pata Negra or Black Foot breed of pig yields darker meat than the more common white breeds, with a deeper, more pronounced flavour that gives the pork an outstanding sweet, buttery, rich and nutty flavour, extremely delicate and tender texture, and to the gourmet, a truly unforgettable eating experience.

We offer a wide range of cuts from these pigs, quartered and butchered in the authentic Spanish way, yielding traditional Spanish prized cuts such as the secreto and presa from the shoulder as well as the more familiar joints.