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Our delicious range of specially selected poultry for sale is guaranteed to impress guests and add flavour to traditional chicken dishes. As one of the leading luxury poultry suppliers we stock the finest quail, duck and poussin meat available. Whether you want to add extra flavour to your cooking or create a show-stopping gourmet banquet, our plump poultry for sale is guaranteed to delight!

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If you’re unsure about moving away from traditional chicken, ease yourself into the change with our succulent poussin. We specially rear our poussin on a diet of maze to give their skin a yellowish hue and a fuller flavour than chicken. Alternatively, for those with strong pallets, try our Barbary duck which has a stronger taste than most other breeds of duck. Barbary also ideal for health conscious gourmet diners as it is leaner than other types of duck meat.

For delicious dishes, visit Meat Me at Home and shop our range of luxurious poultry today.

Michelin Star Meat - For You at Home

Did you know that Meat Me at Home offer the same luxury meat that Freedown Food supply to top Michelin Starred restaurants?

Meat Me at Home are proud to supply Freedown Food’s luxury meat, which is used by top chefs that have collectively earned over 30 Michelin Stars. From exotic meats to luxury beef, poultry and game, Freedown Food have been supplying succulent, mouth-watering meat to Michelin Star restaurants for over two decades and now you can experience it for yourself at Meat Me at Home.