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Iberico Pork Cheeks
Iberico Pork Cheeks (±1kg; £25/kg; Frozen)
  • Iberian Pata Negra (Black Foot) Pork
  • Raised naturally on the Spanish Iberian Peninsula
  • Frozen
  • Try with a dry Oloroso Sherry

Iberico Pork Cheeks

The Pata Negra feast on sweet acorns which lends the pork a deep red colour. While the Iberico Pork Cheeks carry an exceptionally rich and nutty flavour, the Carrillada cheeks are surprisingly lean due to the stunning fat marbled through the meat.

The fork-tender “Carrilladas” or cheeks are perfect for a slow roast pulled pork dish. Slow cooking in a rich red wine sauce transforms this prized cut into a heartwarming dish. When you braise these Iberico Pork Cheeks, the nut flavoured fat slowly melts into the pork to create an incredible taste bud tantalising and pleasing dish.

Our team worked with Paul Belcher of Donostia Social Club who used our Iberico Pork Cheeks for their Basque-inspired menu. Instead of a classic Sunday roast, having a bowl of slow-cooked Iberico Pork Cheeks placed in front of you, with the smooth smell of red wine with the sweetness of carrots and onion is mouth-watering and will be the talking point.

How to cook Iberico Cheeks recipe.