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Foie Gras

What could be more desirable on a plate than a slice of pure, unadulterated Foie Gras. A firm favourite of gastronaughts the world over Foie Gras is a delicacy that can add a dash of decadent luxury to your menu all year round. 


Meat Me At Home provide Duck Foie Gras, which is the fattened liver, this is typically done via gavage of corn. Producing a rich and buttery and delicate delicacy.


Foie Gras is a luxury that anyone can afford, and enjoy on its own or as an accompaniment to a delicious steak dinner, as no fine food aficionados larder would be complete without this supremely rich and buttery Foie Gras. The premium quality means it is perfect for creating exceptional recipes whether you are treating yourself or guests.