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Few experiences can compare to the delight of tucking into a succulent gourmet burger! The rich, juicy texture of our burgers will redefine the way you think of luxury burgers. We only use the finest meat to bring you a taste sensation like no other. We keep the seasoning to a bare minimum to allow you to experience the true meaty taste. Watch as Bex and Ras cook up a burger box. 

If you’re a fine food connoisseur, our Wagyu burgers are an unmissable experience. Made from what’s regarded worldwide as the finest luxury beef, these burgers are an unforgettable experience. Alternatively, if you want to add some excitement to your BBQ’s, our Zebra and Kangaroo burgers will bring the taste of the exotic to your home. If you’re looking for a more traditional type of burger, don’t miss our exceptional grain-finished beef burgers and Iberico pork burgers.

The fantastic range of meats available makes our gourmet burgers the ideal way for parents to broaden children’s pallets. Whether you want to treat your family or wow guests, our selection of gourmet burgers are ideal for a variety occasions. Browse our range of burgers online at Meat Me at Home today.

Michelin Star Meat - For You at Home

Meat Me at Home supply the same exceptionally high quality meat as their parent company Freedown Food.

For over two decades, Freedown Food has been supplying the finest meat available to top Michelin Star restaurants in the UK. From exotic game meats to luxurious Wagyu beef, the quality of Freedown Food and Meat Me at Home’s range of meat is only surpassed by the taste. Discover it for yourself today.