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  • Full blood Japanese Black Wagyu (Kuroge Washu)
  • Raised in the Kagoshima Prefecture (South of Japan)
  • Enjoy with a glass of Sake
  • A4 (A5 may be available – please contact us)

Japanese Wagyu Beef Fillet

Treat yourself with a dining experience you will never forget. With great marbling, these fillet steaks will melt in your mouth. It delivers incredible long-lasting flavour notes, unique sweet aromas and tenderness that will captivate your senses.

The fillet is located under the striploin and is the most tender muscle which does the least amount of work. It is a leaner, a less heavy alternative than ribeye or striploin. The centre of the fillet will allow you to cut thick round shaped steaks. The pointed end can be used for small medallion steaks. The head, also often called “Chateaubriand”, could, for example, treat the whole family for an unforgettable Wellington.

The melting point of fat is much lower than other breeds of beef. Consequently, it will cook very quickly, something to keep in mind when preparing your fillet. To preserve its eating qualities, we strongly recommend serving it rare or medium-rare.