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Segovian Certified Suckling Pig
Segovian Certified Suckling Pig
Segovian Certified Suckling Pig
Segovian Certified Suckling Pig
1 x Segovian Certified Suckling Pig: 4-5kg
  • Segovian Certified Suckling Pig
  • Sourced from only 40 farms that have attained “Certified” Segovian Suckling Pig Producer status
  • Serves 6-8 comfortably
  • Pairs well with Beaujolais, Burgundy or Côtes de Provence RoseIberico Pork

Segovian Suckling Pig

A Certified Segovian Suckling Pig is a real showpiece for any dinner party or gathering of friends and loved ones. Roasted to a deep golden brown, Suckling Pig is one of the most typical dishes in the cuisine of Castilla.

The meat becomes unbelievably tender, so succulent that it literally falls off the bone. The crackling is supreme, and the gentle creaminess of the meat is an experience to remember.


Just 50 miles from Madrid, in the city of Segovia, chefs take pride in the tenderness of their roast Suckling Pigs. They carve Suckling Pigs at the table with the edge of a plate to prove to diners that they are serving a true Suckling Pig.

These Segovian Certified Suckling Pigs are raised on just 40-odd farms in Segovia province certified to rear authentic Segovian suckling pig. The farms, typically passed from father and grandfather, adhere to the “Marca's” exacting stipulations that the sows be fed only cereals; that the piglets are fed only mothers' milk.


Our Segovian Certified Suckling Pig will delight up to 8 of your guests.


We roasted seasonal vegetables in the pan with our Segovian Certified Suckling Pig and they were delicious cooked in the juices.

Wine pairings with the Suckling Pig should be light as the meat is quite delicate. A Beaujolais, a Burgundy or a dry Côtes de Provence Rose are all excellent choices.

This suckling pig will arrive professionally deep-frozen. It will take nearly a day and half to defrost. We therefore recommended ordering a couple of days in advance to account for this.

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