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About Meat Me At Home

Having spent 20 years importing and distributing specialist meats to some of the most respected and highly decorated Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants in the UK, Freedown Food is delighted to offer the same specialist products and services to Supper Club hosts and home cooks alike. 

Inspired by broad international and cross cultural influences and spirit, our newest offering, "Meat Me At Home" delivers the pleasure of exceptional meats from around the world to your home dining experience.

This concept incorporates forgotten cuts of meat such as our US Grain Finished Rump Cap Picanha, a Duke of Berkshire Pork Bone-in 3-5 Rib Rack, an Iberico Pork Secreto or a Wagyu Neck slow roasted or stewed.

To us, these forgotten cuts carry a deeper, richer flavour than the traditional cuts, and they have more soul, passion and common ground with what our customers want in their daily lives as they gather around the dining table.

We strive to bring an informal approach, value for money, satisfying cuts and recipes for seasonal vegetable side dishes along with recommendations for a great bottle of wine to enjoy at home with friends and loved ones. We believe this is at the heart of what our clients want for their home cooked meals.

Our products are raised with such care that, in fact, they are best served simply. All of our meats can be pan-fried or slow roasted with a generous sprinkle of flake salt, coarse ground pepper and a handful of fresh, seasonal herbs.

Our Chef Patrons, Bex & Ras make frequent trips to Borough Market to find the freshest seasonal, local and international fruit, vegetables, herbs and accompaniments to serve with our luxury meats.

Our plan is simple; to bring exceptional meats with outstanding taste to your home or Supper Club. You can rest assured that all of our meats are in full compliance with EU standards. Only beef raised without antibiotics and in accordance with the Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) program can enter the EU. Ensuring animals’ health and well-being is crucial both morally and economically. Meat producers know that well-nourished and content animals are the cornerstone of our commitment to bringing only the highest quality meats to our well informed and concerned customers.

Our conclusion—simplicity, generosity and heart-felt hospitality are the crucial elements that make a dinner great.We here at Meat Me At Home strive to deliver these elements to our customers every day in every way, so that they can in turn, pass on these qualities to the loved ones who fill our lives with joy and our homes with heart-felt laughter.

Bon Apetit!

The Meat Me At Home Team