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  • Full blood Japanese Black Wagyu (Kuroge Washu)
  • Raised in the Kagoshima Prefecture (South of Japan)
  • A4 grade (A3 and A5 may be available – please check) 

Japanese Wagyu Beef Ribeye

Treat yourself with a dining experience you will never forget. With spectacular marbling, this ribeye steak will melt in your mouth. It delivers incredible long-lasting flavour notes, unique sweet aromas and tenderness that will captivate your senses.

The ribeye is located along the spine of the animal between the striploin and the chuck. Finely textured, it is probably the most marbled cut on the animal. There are many ways to enjoy this ribeye. Because of its richness, 100 gram portions should be sufficient should you decide to cut steaks. We also recommend this cut for sukiyaki, shabu-shabu and yakiniku for epic culinary adventures.

The melting point of fat is much lower than other breeds of beef. Consequently, it will cook very quickly, something to keep in mind when preparing your ribeye.