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  • Freedown Hills F1 Wagyu Holstein Cross
  • Raised in Yorkshire England
  • Enjoy with a Cabernet Sauvignon

Whole Freedown Hills Olive Fed Wagyu Striploin

Wagyu Striploin, or Sirloin, comes from along the spine in the hindquarter of the animal. A muscle that doesn't do much work, it is tender with a thin covering of fat protecting the stunningly marbled meat beneath, providing the equilibrium between traditional buttery long-lasting finishes found with Japanese Wagyu and the more beefy, iron flavours of Grass-fed UK beef. The olive feed creates an umami taste to the beef, a sumptuous savoury flavour adding depth and richness. For anyone wanting the delicious flavour of UK Wagyu beef, but not the more fatty steaks such as a Ribeye, will find the Striploin ticks every box. 

This Striploin can be cut down into 250g steaks or into larger roasting joints for Sunday dinners and special occasions. With the beautiful piece of fat covering, we love to sear the fat in the frying pan first, to get all the delicious flavour to then fry the steak in.

If you want to roast, cut in half, which gives you a perfect size piece, season with Maldon salt and a touch of oil, roast in a preheated oven at 220 for 10 - 15 minutes. Turning the fat a delicious golden brown, this will lock in the beautiful flavours, and keep the roasting joint juicy and tender during cooking. Turn the heat down to 160 and cook for a further 35-45 minutes depending on how rare you like it. Wrap in foil after cooking and let it rest. The resting process lets the juices marinate the meat, meaning a tender and flavour-packed slice for every plate.