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  • Kurobuta pork (Black Pork)   /   薄切り黒豚
  • Sourced from Belgium   /   ベルギー産
  • Frozen   /   冷凍
  • 黒豚 焼肉用 (3.5mm-4mm) – ±500g
  • Kurobuta Pork Yakiniku (3.5mm-4mm) – ±500g

Kurobuta Pork

In Japan, this breed is known as Kurobuta pork and is as highly regarded as Wagyu beef. The meat is superbly marbled and is darker and sweeter than regular pork. It is also very tender as the muscle tissue is finer and smaller than in other breeds. Our trained butchers have prepared these slices from the belly in a way which allows you to enjoy Yakiniku BBQ just like in Japan!

Because of the nature of Kurobuta pork, please note that the layer of fat on these bellies is more predominant than with standard pork. This is good news as it is the flavour in the fat that makes this breed stand out.

日本では、黒豚という品種で有名で、和牛と同じように高い評価を受けている事をご存知の方も多いと思います。他の豚肉と比較すると黒く、甘く、そして美しい霜降りが入っています。筋肉の組織が他の品種よりも細かく、小さい為、非常に柔らかいです。肉のカット法を熟知している者が豚の腹をスライスしているので、日本で味わえるような焼き肉が楽しめる事間違いなし! ☆