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  •  Kurobuta pork (Black Pork)  /   薄切り黒豚
  • Sourced from Belgium   /   ベルギー産
  • Frozen   /   冷凍
  • Kurobuta Pork Shabu-Shabu / Sukiyaki (1.5mm-2mm) – ±500g
  • 黒豚 しゃぶしゃぶ/すき焼き (1.5mm-2mm) – ±500g

Kurobuta Pork

In Japan, this breed is known as Kurobuta pork and is as highly regarded as Wagyu beef. The meat is superbly marbled and is darker and sweeter than regular pork. It is also very tender as the muscle tissue is finer and smaller than in other breeds. Carefully thinly sliced from the belly, this will be perfect for your Sukiyaki or Shabu-Shabu hot pots!

Because of the nature of Kurobuta pork, please note that the layer of fat on these bellies is more predominant than with standard pork. This is good news as it is the flavour in the fat that makes this breed stand out.