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Iberico Pork Plumas
Iberico Pork Plumas
Iberico Pork Plumas
Iberico Pork Plumas
  • Iberian Pata Negra (Black Foot) Pork
  • Sourced from the southeast of Spain
  • Complimented by a Riesling or a Spanish Rioja
  • Frozen
  • Contains 2 packs, each ± 650g

Iberico Pork Plumas

Iberico Pork Plumas are for anyone who loves a rich, succulent meat that melts in your mouth straight from the BBQ or grill pan. The Iberian Pata Negra pig carries an extreme marbling of fat running through the musculature, which yields a darker meat than the more common breeds, with a deeper more pronounced flavour that elevates pork dishes to new heights. Iberico has earned a reputation as the “Wagyu of Pork.”

Iberico Pork Plumas or “feathers” in Spanish are cut from just behind the neck and are unbelievably tender.  Iberico Pork contains a high content of oleic acids (monounsaturated fatty acids.) Oleic acids have been proven to lower “bad cholesterol” and raise “good cholesterol” in the blood.  In fact, Iberico Pork fat contains more than 55% oleic acid—only olive oil has a higher concentration!

These Iberico Pork Plumas are perfect for a family celebration or for getting together with friends. You can put them on the BBQ or fry them up in a smoking hot grill pan, either way you’ll be sure to delight everyone around the table with these unique and distinctly tender Iberico Pork Plumas. 

Watch Bex and Ras Cook Up Iberico Pork Plumas on the BBQ!