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Whole Wagyu Striploin BMS 8-9
Whole Wagyu Striploin BMS 8-9
    Whole Wagyu Striploin BMS 8-9: Min ±5.5kg  / 176.37oz
    • Premium Wagyu Striploin
    • BMS 8-9
    • Serves 15-20 
    • Halal


    Premium Wagyu Striploin

    Striploin steak is a very clean cut with one layer of fat on the outside edge giving a wonderful rich flavour. Internationally renowned for its density of marbling, buttery finish and soft, creamy texture, this is the highest grade Wagyu we offer our private clients. These Striploins are a beautifully tender piece of beef with unsurpassed quality for the well-travelled aficionados of Wagyu.


    You can get 15 delicious steaks from this whole muscle. Or cut into thinner steaks for more. 


    Our specially reared Australian Darling Downs Wagyu beef has the enviable reputation of being Australia’s most prestigious Wagyu brand. Darling Downs premium Wagyu is comprised of the most highly credentialed full-blood Japanese Black Wagyu sires and breeding females ever to leave Japan.

    Darling Downs promise of superior quality Wagyu beef can be attributed to many precise processes, including unrivalled animal husbandry practices, and closely guarded feeding regimes passed on from cattle feeding masters in Japan. Darling Downs Wagyu cattle are born and raised in a naturally clean and safe environment.

    Aronui feedlot, located in the heart of the famous Darlin Down region, has the reputation of being one of the few specialised Wagyu feedlots in the world. All Darling Downs Wagyu is free from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants while DNA traceability and the world leading Sure TRAK (tm) identification system ensure that the highest levels of integrity and food safety are maintained.


    Our house Chefs, Bex & Ras like blanched asparagus with butter, salt & pepper and a hearty helping of Jerusalem Artichoke twice-fried skinny chips with our super premium Wagyu Striploin 8-9. Asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes are plentiful and in season now.

    Our Wagyu Striploin BMS 8-9 pairs with a young vintage port, 2003 if you dare. A safer choice-Bordeaux vintage 2001 & 2004 are drinking well now.
    Michelin-starred chefs around the world demand the very best Wagyu beef, that’s why Meat Me At Home is pleased to offer the very same Wagyu to our customers.

    Michelin Star Meat - Straight to Your Door!

    Did you know that Meat Me at Home also stock the same luxury meat that Freedown Food supply to top Michelin Starred restaurants?

    Freedown Food’s luxury meat which is used by top chefs, who have collectively earned over 30 Michelin Stars. From exotic meats to luxury beef, poultry and game, Freedown Food have been supplying succulent, mouth-watering meat to Michelin Star restaurants for 20 years and now you can experience it for yourself with Meat Me at Home.