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British Whole Wagyu Beef Navel End Brisket | ±3kg

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  • Freedown Hills F1 Wagyu Beef Holstein Cross
  • Reared in Yorkshire, England
  • ±3kg; £32.67/kg
  • Fresh

Whole Freedown Hills Olive Fed Wagyu Beef Navel End Brisket 

Wagyu Navel End Brisket is from the lower chest or breast of a cow. Although just one muscle, it has two very different ends, so cutting in half is ideal for convenience and cooking. Olive fed Wagyu is an equilibrium between traditional buttery long-lasting finishes found with Japanese Wagyu and the more beefy, iron flavours of Grass-fed British beef. The olive feed creates an umami taste to the beef, a sumptuous savoury flavour adding depth and richness, and the added marbling within the Brisket provides a sultry buttery finish, enhancing the finished product.

The Navel End Brisket is more evenly shaped and larger than that of its other half, the Point End Brisket. With an ideal layer of fat on one side and running through the middle, it is ideal for a classic slow-baked meal, or for barbecuing. For anyone looking to make beef bacon or pastrami, this is the piece to do it with! After cooking it slices exquisitely and consistently throughout.

This cut can be utilised in many different ways. Cutting it into 1-inch cubes it provides a plethora of options, from skewers to stews, pies and everything in between. Or leave as a whole piece and slow cook with onions, carrots, wine and beef stock for a melt in your mouth meal. Perfect for those winters Sunday lunches with the whole family. The leftovers can be shredded apart and given a new lease of life too. Cost-effective but not compromising taste and flavour!

Cooking Tips For Steaks

- For frozen steaks, thaw overnight in the fridge.
- Bring the steak to room temperature 20 minutes before cooking (time will vary depending on thickness).
- Pat dry
- We don't recommend any seasonning for Japanese Wagyu as well as other Wagyu Beef as all the flavours are in the fat.
- Don't cook Wagyu on a grill as you will loose all the fat.
- Get your skillet smoking hot before putting the steak in.
- Cook the steak on either side for about 2 minutes depending on thickness or until the meat is forming a stunning golden crust to it.
- Except for Japanese Wagyu, half way through cooking, we like basting it with unsalted butter and a few branches of fresh thym.
- Remove from the heat and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes under aluminum foil as it will allow juices to reabsorb into the meat and the fibres to relax. This is where the magic operates.
- Once cooked, you can then season your meat with some Blackthorn Scottish Salt or freshly grinded pepper.


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British Whole Wagyu Beef Navel End Brisket | ±3kg

  • UK

Nestled in bucolic Yorkshire, the Scurf Dyke Farm is the home to our very own British Freedown Hills F1 Wagyu.
Surrounded by rolling hills, verdant pastures, and quaint villages, this region epitomises the charm of the English countryside.
The farm lies on the south-eastern border of the Yorkshire Wolds with the North Sea a mere few miles to the east. Its lush fields provide most of the herd’s needs. As the cows are weaned of grass, the farm-grown grains, cereals and maize silage, combined with the locally sourced olive pieces, are introduced to their diet. The end result is an exceptional British beef adorned with remarkable umami undertones and a delicate tenderness.

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