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Whole UK Beef Striploin: ± 6kg

  • Sourced from UK
  • Serves 15-20
  • Grain Fed

Whole UK Beef Striploin 

Grilled steak has natural appeal, especially irresistible when its alluring aromas waft over the neighbour’s fence. This 6kg striploin will feed the entire block! Striploin is one of the most flavoursome meats. It has a distinctive fat coverage running along the outside allowing the meat to remain juicy during cooking. Buying a whole striploin is not only a great way to save money on expensive steaks, it also gives you more control over your final product, allowing you to manage the thickness of each steak.

It’s found on the short loin of the cow, the striploin actually comes from the same cut as the T-bone and Porterhouse. Having fewer muscles than other parts of the animal, this section of the cow is therefore worked less and the meat is greatly more tender.


Faraday Fine Foods are a family business that has been trading for several generations.

David Baker who runs the family business started up as retail and wholesale butcher, he later joined the family business as a Production Manager. David always had a keen interest in helping out on the family’s livestock farms, particularly at Onley Farms. His experience has been vital in discovering his passion for meat and also provided him with the skills and knowledge to turn his vision for Faraday Fine Foods into reality and create the enviable state of the art cutting plant.

Faraday Fine Foods value the importance of quality and consistency. To achieve this they are not only very selective about the cattle they buy, but also carefully influencing the way cattle on their very own farm are bred, reared and fed.

They select animals for processing which not only allow them to control the quality of the end product but also enable them to provide full and reliable traceability.

All farms supplying Faraday Fine Foods Ltd are Red Tractor assured and they take on Faraday's very own rearing system known as the Meat Gold Standards. These guidelines were developed by John Bell, a local beef farmer and respected feed producer, whose farms, along with Onley Farms, supply premium beef to Faraday Fine Foods.

Michelin Star Meat – Straight to Your Door!

Meat Me at Home supply the same exceptionally high quality meat as their parent company Freedown Food.

For two decades, Freedown Food has been supplying the finest meat available to top Michelin Star restaurants in the UK.