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Whole Choice US Grain Fed Beef Striploin
Whole Choice US Grain Fed Beef Striploin
Whole Choice US Grain Fed Beef Striploin
Whole Choice US Grain Fed Beef Striploin
Whole Choice US Grain Fed Beef Striploin: 5Kg / 176.37oz
  • Sourced from American Midwest Ranches
  • EU Certified hormone free
  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Long horn cattle
  • Pair it with Champagne Rosé or a Spanish Tempranillo

Choice Striploin Whole Muscle

With nicer weather upon us, grilled steak has natural appeal, especially irresistible when its alluring aromas waft over the neighbour’s fence. This 5kg Choice Striploin Whole Muscle will feed the entire block! The Choice Striploin Whole Muscle has substantial texture, juicy potential and powerful flavour.

Found on the short loin of the cow, the Striploin actually comes from the same cut as the T-bone and Porterhouse. Having fewer muscles than other parts of the animal, this section of the cow is therefore worked less and the meat is greatly more tender.

The Choice Striploin Whole Muscle is classically ranked in French terminology as an Entrecôte, or premium cut of beef. The cut has good marbling, which makes it a perfect candidate for a classical grilling on the BBQ or in a smoking hot griddle pan.


This 5kg Choice Striploin Whole Muscle is large enough to feed 30 adults. You can cut steaks out of part of the muscle and use the remainder as a truly unique roasting joint for your Sunday Roast.


Our USDA graded Choice Beef comes to us from cattle ranches in the US Midwest. USDA grading requires supervision and testing that is more stringent than non-certified programs. Only 2% of the beef raised in the US is certified for EU export. All cattle exported to the EU must be certified hormone- free according to the Non-Hormone Treated Cattle Agreement.

Our suppliers pride themselves on full animal traceability from birth ranch to finishing. Carefully controlled, high-quality corn based feed produces well-marbled, tender beef raised in a wholly natural manner.

It takes longer and creates more work to raise cattle using these guidelines, but we think it's the right thing to do, and so do our suppliers.


Traditional methods of preparing these steaks are to add simple spices, like garlic and onion salts, then grill, broil or pan fry.

A classic preparation for a Choice Striploin Steak cut from the Whole Muscle would be to cook it Delmonico style. Delmonico steak is very simple: lightly seasoned with salt, basted with melted butter and grilled over a live fire. This will turn the fat into a caramelized blanket of sweetness, which surrounds the savoury flavour of the natural beef.

The almost burnt, earthy flavour and fatty, rich texture of the highly grilled meat will match perfectly with the acidic and crisp texture of a Champagne Rose.

The acid in the Champagne Rose cuts through the richness of the meat. The flavour of the champagne adds a yeasty, fresh-baked brioche character (like the necessary dinner roll for this meal).

Add homemade vanilla ice cream (the well-deserved dessert for the feast) topped with various citrus fruits for a well-balanced, complete dinner. – Chef Julie Tan, Certified Master Chef, Sommelier and Taster; Chef Instructor, LeCordon Bleu, San Francisco.

Another method for this Choice Striploin is to salt the steak as soon as it’s cut, as the salt locks in the moisture. Then let it rest and get to room temperature prior to cooking. Baste with butter and add pepper at the end, as pepper burns. A Spanish Tempranillo pairs beautifully with peppercorn and butter seasoning of the Choice Striploin.

Initially, on the nose, the Tempranillo may display blueberries and chocolate, then ripe fruit on the tongue. The incredibly succulent Tempranillo is a winner because it manages to maintain its fruitiness after the first bite of steak. The most important factor in determining whether a wine works with a dish is how it changes after tasting the food.

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Written by Teri, the passionate Manager of Meat Me at Home