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  • Sourced from American Midwest Ranches
  • EU certified hormone free
  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Long horn cattle
  • Pair with Cabernet Sauvignon or an Old World Bordeaux

Choice US Grain Finished Ribeye

You can feed a crowd with this 5kg whole muscle! We estimate you could cut more than 25 gorgeous steaks for the BBQ from it, or you could easily halve the muscle and whack it in the oven for a unique Sunday Roasting Joint to please the whole table.

USDA Choice is the second highest graded US beef. It has slightly less marbling and fat than Prime, but it carries plenty of juicy tenderness.
You can feel the difference in our USDA Choice Grain Finished beef as it melts in your mouth.

This Whole Choice Ribeye Muscle offers a great value.