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Whole Choice US Grain Fed Fillet: 1.5kg 
  • Sourced from American Midwest Ranches
  • EU certified hormone free
  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Longhorn cattle
  • Serves 6-8
  • Great with a Pinot Noir or an Oaked Chardonnay

Choice US Grain Fed Fillet Chain Off

This Choice Fillet is incredibly smooth with a soft texture and subtle flavour.  When you cook the Choice Fillet whole muscle, you are guaranteed a juicy steak with just the right amount of resistance – so tender you can cut it with your fork. Our US Grain Fed Choice Fillet is heavily marbled producing a juicy, tasty and succulent piece of meat.  The marbling ensures a delicate buttery flavour perfect for a treat.
The Choice Fillet is cut from the short loin of the cow, a section from the lower back between the ribs and the round. When the short loin is cut as an entire strip, it is called the "tenderloin." When sliced into individual steaks, it is called "filet mignon" and "chateaubriand."
You need to focus on the appearance of the fillet steaks. A good fillet steak should be bright red and fresh looking with little or no fat. It is very lean with almost no fat running through it, which means it has less flavour than other cuts; it’s the meat’s soft texture that is most prized. It is usually the most expensive piece of beef available and should be cooked with care so as not to destroy its virtues.


Our USDA Choice Whole Fillet of Beef will serve 6-8.


Perfect cooked as your Sunday Roast, Beef Wellington or simply cut into steaks.
Using a sharp utility knife, trim the surface fat. Tuck the thin tail end of the beef under and tie it to make it even in thickness with the rest of the roast. Trim away the silver skin extending down the length of the roast. The meat is now ready to cook.
To cook a Choice Whole Fillet, season generously, sear briefly in a hot pan and transfer to the oven to finish roasting (this will take as little as 10 minutes for very rare meat). For a more elaborate dish, a Choice Whole Fillet can be used in beef Wellington. Fillet steaks cooked past medium tend to become overcooked, dry and tasteless; instead fry them quickly in a hot pan, grill or roast. Dry heat cooking methods work well with naturally tender lean beef tenderloin.  Use red wine, brandy or port to deglaze the pan, stir in some double cream and mustard, or a knob of butter and some chopped rosemary, for a simple sauce.

Our US Beef come from predominant Angus herds located in the Mid-West states of the United States. These herds spend most of their lives living on the grass plains – the stereotypical image of the cows herded by cowboys.   Their final 100 days they’re introduced to a grain diet which adds to the flavour and tenderness of the meat.
All US Beef that enters the European Union are certified hormone free.  This beef is imported   under the NHTC (Non-Hormone-Treated-Cattle) program.  The NHTC cattle program also guarantees the same high welfare standards for rearing and animal husbandry you would expect of cattle here in the UK.

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