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  • F1 Wagyu, 50% Wagyu, 50% Black Angus
  • Reared in the VIII and X Regions in Southern Chile
  • Halal
  • Enjoy with a Malbec

Chilean Wagyu Ribeye BMS 6 – 7

Wagyu Ribeye is by far one of the most delicious pieces of meat you can cut a steak from. With the eye of fat running through the middle of the muscle, when cooked the delicious umami flavour is released and bastes the steak. Chilean Wagyu Beef is in a league of its own, being fed on grain for 500 days, creates a rich, buttery and luxurious to the palate. Being renowned for a rich marbling of fat running through the muscles, adding flavour and texture when cooked. With a long finish, you will find it coats the mouth exquisitely with stunning flavour. The marbling found in our Ribeye is second to none, proving to be the centrepiece.  

Ribeye can be cut into roasting joints, steaks. It is found under the front end of the backbone and is used for mainly for support. With more fat than its other half, the Striploin, it is juicier and much richer in flavour. The ribbons of intra-muscular fat running through these thick fillets melt gently in your mouth, providing a truly unique dining experience for everyone gathered around the table. The 6-7 BMS marbling on our Wagyu Striploin gives the meat a luxuriously smooth, buttery texture and a rich flavour. If you’re looking to experience a taste sensation, with a slightly lower price tag 6-7 BMS Wagyu beef is a perfect choice.

Our ideal tips when roasting are to bring the piece of meat to room temperature before cooking, keep the seasoning to oil and Maldon Sea Salt. We recommend you don’t put black pepper on until after as it will burn in the heat of the pan and oven, producing a bitter taste. Seal the Beef off in a smoking hot pan, and cook in a preheated oven at 200 for 50 minutes, at which point turn the heat off, wrap tightly in tin foil and leave in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes. The residual heat will continue to gently cook it and also rest it. Slice and serve.