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Whole Chilean Grain Fed Bavette de Aloyau
Whole Chilean Grain Fed Bavette de Aloyau
  • Angus Breed
  • Grain-Finished Beef, reared in Southern Chile
  • Fresh
  • Contains 1 ± 1.4kg piece
  • Enjoy with a glass of Claret


Chilean Grain-Finished Bavette de Aloyau


Chilean Bavette de Aloyau is found between the Striploin and Flank. Chilean Beef has a humble appearance, but never judge a book by its cover, or a rump by its fat in this case! With a beautiful creamy finish, but bite just as you get from grass fed beef, it is perfection with every morsel.

Containing one ±1.4kg piece of meat, the Bavette de Aloyau, was an inexpensive cut originally used a lot in French and Latin American cooking, due to its low price point and also robustness to strong flavours. This cut has great texture to it once cooked, being cut across the grain you get a beautiful bite to start and then a gamier flavour than most other cuts of beef.

Bringing together two very traditional ingredients together, we tried making an Australian Carpetbag Steak, which is ultimately a Chicken Kiev of the Beef world with a few additions. Carpetbag Steak is stuffed with oysters and lashings of garlic butter. The combination worked effortlessly and was a real crowd pleaser. Serve with homemade chips to mop up all of the delicious flavours.