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    1 x Wagyu Ribeye BMS 8-9: 225g 
    • Premium Wagyu Ribeye
    • BMS 8-9
    • Serves one
    • Pairs strongly with an earthy Haut-Medoc or Champagne

    Premium Wagyu Ribeye

    Our incomparable Wagyu Ribeye BMS 8-9 has the highest BMS score we offer. It makes a well-deserved dinner for one, or pick up 4 of these incredible steaks and invite some friends to share a singularly rich and bold steak dinner. The density of marbling in these steaks gives them a fuller depth of flavour. The Ribeye is a forgiving cut that is best enjoyed medium rare, but it will still be unbelievably tender for those who prefer their steaks cooked medium. If you want to try something a little different, give these Wagyu Ribeye BMS 8-9 steaks a try. This is meat to please you!



    Each Wagyu Ribeye BMS 8-9 serves one.


    Our Australian Premium Wagyu Ribeyes are supplied by Australian Agricultural Company (AAco,) one of Australia’s most experienced and exacting producers of Wagyu. AAco’s Darling Downs Wagyu (tm) is the most prestigious Wagyu herd in Australia. It carries the most highly credentialed full-blood Japanese Black Wagyu sires and breeding females ever to leave Japan. AAco’s promise of superior quality Wagyu beef can be attributed to many precise processes, including unrivalled animal husbandry practices, and most importantly, closely guarded feeding regimes passed on from cattle feeding masters in Japan.

    AAco’s Wagyu cattle are born and raised in a naturally clean and safe environment.  All Darling Downs Wagyu are free from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants while DNA traceability and the world leading Sure TRAK (tm) identification system ensure that the highest levels of integrity and food  safety are maintained.

    Wagyu beef is naturally enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 monounsaturated fats and contains a higher percentage of healthier monounsaturated fats than any other breed of cattle.


    These high powered premium Wagyu Ribeye BMS 8-9 steaks will deliver the biggest punch at the party. It’s nice to serve them with the clean crunch of blanched fine green beans pan fried with finely chopped shallots, garlic and a bit of butter. Indulge in a great but unexpected match—have a glass of champagne with your Wagyu Ribeye. The acidity plus the bite of the CO2 cleanses the palette between bites.

    There is plenty of fat in Wagyu, especially the Ribeye. You must pay close attention to this, the red wine will need plenty ofacidity to balance the palette. The Higher acidity, tannins, colour and bigger aroma of an Haut-Medoc all explain why this red wine pairs so well with our Wagyu Ribeye BMS 8-9. Our favourite Haut-Medoc Chateaux is a Sociando-Mallet.

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