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    • Sourced from Australia
    • Frozen
    • 2 x ±150g
    • Pairs well with a Bordeaux or Dry Riesling

    Australian Wagyu Fillet Steak

    This incredible Wagyu Fillet is ideal for those who are trying Wagyu for the first time. Wagyu beef is famous for its intermuscular fat which marbles throughout the meat. As it melts during cooking, the marbling gives a gentle richness of flavour while offering a lightly sweet, delectable tenderness. This Wagyu Fillet is fork-tender and it will literally melt in your mouth. 

    The Fillet is traditionally one of the leaner cuts of beef, it’s a proven winner for those who desire a luxurious steak experience with a lighter feel. This pack of two Wagyu Fillets are sure to delight, they are perfect for a cosy evening in with someone special, or for slicing and sharing on an amazing meat board with friends.