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  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Longhorn cattle
  • Sourced from the Midwest of America
  • Frozen
  • One piece of ±225g 
  • Enjoy with an American style Larger
US Grain Fed Beef Oyster Blade Steak

US Grain Fed Beef Oyster Blade comes from just below the shoulder blade. US Grain Fed Beef has been fed for 100 days on Grain, it is this that produces a very tender and juicy piece of meat, with beautiful intramuscular fat. The stunning flecks of fat marbled throughout are what ensures the meat will not be dry out too quickly during cooking or get tough and chewy. When you eat US Grain-fed Beef it is soft, tender and juicy.    

Containing one ±225g steak per pack gives you a stunningly simple centrepiece for your plate. When cut into a steak it has had the inner membrane from the larger muscle removed so all it needs is some seasoning and a quick fry in a hot pan. With a beautiful flavour and delicious texture, you will soon realise why the less well-known cuts of Beef are the best.

We love to season with salt and a little oil and fry in a hot frying pan. With all of our steaks, we recommend cooking them from room temperature. Don’t cook with black pepper on the outside as it will burn during frying and give a bitter taste. Fry for 3 – 5 minutes on either side and let rest for 8 minutes. We like serving it with a crunchy peppery salad and smooth Mushroom Polenta underneath.