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  • Segovian Certified Suckling Pig
  • Sourced from only 40 farms in Spain
  • Frozen
  • Pair with a glass of Albarino de Fefinanes

Segovian Suckling Pig Fore-Leg

Segovian Suckling Pigs are reared very specifically with the mothers having a special feed, being a specific breed of Pig and the Suckling Pigs being exclusively milk-fed. They are normally no older than three weeks weighing between 3kg - 4kg.

The milk feed means the meat is succulent, tender and paler in colour than that of older pigs. When cooked the meat falls off the bone, oozing with delicious flavour. Each pack contains one leg around ±500g each. Suckling Pig has a smooth texture and the meat just melts in your mouth. 

Cooking Tips

The Fore-Leg can be cooked just as a hind leg, but for slightly less time as they are usually smaller. Cook for 30 – 40 minutes at 180 – 200 degrees. All the Fore-Leg needs is salt massaged into the skin before cooking to aid in the crisp golden brown crackling. Use Maldon Sea Salt to ensure the crispiest of cracklings. Serve alongside Roasted Winter Squash, and Wild Mushrooms pan-fried with string beans for an added crunch and rich flavour to go alongside the delectable meat.