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  • Churra de Castilla, a Spanish Breed of Lamb
  • Reared in Spain
  • Frozen
  • Pair with a Tempranillo

Suckling Lamb Hind Leg

Suckling Lambs found in the UK and Europe are fed only on milk, producing a subtle slightly sweet flavour that is less gamey than older lambs. The meat is tender and lighter in shade with the fat being brilliant white. Hind Legs are the back legs from the Lamb, with the leg bone running through the centre.

As the joint isn’t as gamey as Lamb fed on grass, use milder flavour ingredients when cooking. Traditionally being served around Easter time in England, this would make a great alternative, to the normal cuts of Lamb served. Suckling Lamb has a smooth texture and a melt in the mouth meat.  

We love cooking them wrapped in foil on a Barbecue, or roasting in the oven with Anchovies, Garlic and Thyme wedged into the meat. Cover in paprika and salt all over and cook for one hour on 160. You want to cook the two legs together in a small tray, this ensures the juices from the meat can be used during cooking to baste the meat. Let them rest covered in tin foil for 20 minutes before slicing and serving. Serve with crispy golden roasted potatoes, Padron Peppers and sautéed courgettes.