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1 x Prime US Grain Fed Tail Fillet Steak
1 x Prime US Grain Fed Tail Fillet Steak
1 x Prime US Grain Fed Tail Fillet Steak: 200g
  • Sourced from American Midwest Ranches
  • EU Certified Hormone Free
  • Serves: 1 person
  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Longhorn cattle
  • Try them with a spicy Zinfandel or Pinto Noir

Prime US Grain Fed Fillet Steak

Fillet steaks tick all the right boxes giving you a tender taste of luxury.
Aged USDA graded Prime Tail Fillet, cut to 200g and closely hand-trimmed, these are the ultimate in tender and juicy perfection. These Prime Fillets are wrapped in easy-peel packaging and the perfect choice for lunch or dinner. 
Black tie or blue jeans — our Prime Tail Fillet goes from gala to your family table with style and taste. We start by slowly wet aging the finest tenderloin cuts of USDA Prime available. These Prime Tail Fillets are from the end and all the way of the centre of the tenderloin and they are famous for their remarkable flavour and juiciness.

These USDA Prime Fillet Steaks come with just the right amount of resistance – so tender you can cut them with your fork. We recommend that you cook them rare, medium-rare or medium at the most. 


Our US Beef come from predominant Angus herds located in the Mid-West states of the United States. These herds spend most of their lives living on the grass plains – the stereotypical image of the cows herded by cowboys.  During their final 100 days they’re introduced to a grain diet which adds to the flavour and tenderness of the meat.
All US Beef that enters the European Union does so under the NHTC (Non-Hormone-Treated-Cattle) program.  The NHTC cattle program also guarantees the same high welfare standards for rearing and animal husbandry you would expect of cattle here in the UK.
Before cooking dry your fillet steaks. Pat them with kitchen towel as the evaporating moisture in the pan will act like steam cooking and prevent the caramelising effect that we are going for.
We advocate cooking fillet steaks at room temperature as cold steak hitting a hot pan means a reduction in temperature in the pan and the most important rule of perfect fillet steaks is to have a searing hot pan.


Perfect served simply with a salad for those on an Atkins or 5:2 diet or with some Potatoes Dauphinoise if you fancy a little bit more substance. 
Any white wine will go well with white meat; however, a dry white wine will go best with these Choice Fillets. A sugary white wine will be overpowering to the light, almost delicate, taste of the steaks.
These lean red meats taste better with less tannic reds that are more "fruity" like Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Beaujolais cru. Their fruitiness makes up for the lack of richness in the fat.

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