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  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Longhorn cattle
  • Sourced from the Midwest of America
  • Frozen
  • 2 x ±150g steaks
  • Enjoy with a glass of Pinot Noir

Prime US Grain Fed Beef Fillet Steaks

Prime US Grain Fed Fillet runs from the middle of the cow to the round, it is the most tender cut of Beef as it does the least amount of work, meaning a lean and less marbled piece as a result. US Grain Fed Beef has been fed for 100 days on Grain, it is this that produces a very tender and juicy piece of meat, with beautiful intramuscular fat. The stunning flecks of fat marbled throughout are what ensures the meat will not be dry out too quickly during cooking or get tough and chewy. When you eat US Grain-fed Beef it is soft, tender and juicy.    

Fillet steaks tick all the right boxes giving you a tender taste of luxury.
The King of Steaks is the ultimate in tender and juicy perfection. These Prime Fillets are wrapped in easy-peel packaging and the perfect choice for lunch or dinner. 
Black tie or blue jeans — our Prime Fillet goes from gala to your family table with style and taste. We start by slowly wet ageing the finest tenderloin cuts of USDA Prime available. These Prime Fillets are from the centre of the tenderloin and they are famous for their remarkable flavour and juiciness.

Traditionally, Fillet is a very lean steak; our Fillets are heavily marbled and retain enough fat throughout the cooking process to give them a delicious flavour. We recommend that you cook them rare, medium-rare or medium at the most. Because the Fillet is such a lean cut, to cook them past medium will make them dry and tough.  These USDA Prime Fillet Steaks come with just the right amount of resistance – so tender you can cut them with your fork.

Cook in a hot frying pan for 3 – 4 minutes on each side to get a gorgeous crust. Cover and rest for 10 minutes, allowing the residual heat to cook through to the centre and keep all those sumptuous flavours locked in. Serve with grilled Asparagus, a Red Wine Reduction and a Celeriac Puree.