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  • Free-range, New Zealand raised
  • Frozen
  • Contains 1 piece, ± 500g
  • Halal Certified
  • Enjoy with a fruit flavoured Red Wine such as Cabernet/Merlot blend

New Zealand Lamb Tenderloin Fillet

Tenderloin Fillet is found from the side of the Lamb, underneath the Short loin. The nature of this cut is very tender and lean as the muscle does very little work. Lamb is the most tender Lamb you will ever eat. Bred exclusively for tenderness it has gone through rigorous customer satisfaction testing, to ensure ultimate perfection. This has taken years to perfect, and we are the exclusive UK retailer for this product.

Containing one ±500g piece per pack, you can either cut it down into smaller canon steaks or cook as a whole piece in the oven.  Lamb provides consistency and succulence perfect to adorn your plates on a Sunday lunchtime through to a midweek supper.

Lamb is full-flavoured meaning it pairs perfectly with strong robust flavours such as Cumin, Anchovy and Rosemary. When you cut the tenderloin into canons you get some beautiful fillet steaks, ideal for searing in a hot skillet pan and letting further cook in a preheated oven at 160 for 6 minutes. Serve on the pink side ideally. Enjoy a rich curried cauliflower with it, for a warming touch on a cold dreary day. Or sautéed new potatoes, kale and anchovies with a hint of lemon zest grated through for a more spring feeling dish.