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  • Longdown breed Natural Premium Lamb
  • Free-range, New Zealand raised
  • Frozen
  • Halal Certified
  • Enjoy with Cotes du Roussillon

New Zealand French Trimmed Rack

Longdown French Trimmed Rack, is from the forequarter of the lamb and is the meaty Ribeye muscle on the bone. French trim means to remove meat from the bone to create a decorative aesthetic. Longdown Lamb is the most tender Lamb you will ever eat. Bred exclusively for tenderness it has gone through rigorous customer satisfaction testing, to ensure ultimate perfection. This has taken years to perfect, and we are the exclusive UK retailer for this product.

French trimmed racks look succulent and delicious roasted and served as chops. Longdown Lamb provides consistency and succulence perfect to adorn your plates on a Sunday lunchtime through to a midweek supper. The delicious flavour from a roasted joint is set to put a smile on everyone's faces. As with any Ribeye the beautiful eye of fat that runs alongside the meat, adds a delicious added flavour, enhancing the already tender and smooth Longdown Lamb.

Serving roasted chops of the lamb alongside jewelled couscous, playing on those Moroccan spices and addition of dried fruits such as apricots. Standing up against those fruity, floral flavours the Longdown Lamb adds succulent, mouth watering aromas and meatiness. Serve the Lamb on top of the bed of couscous to catch all the delicious flavour.