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  • Longdown breed Natural Premium Lamb
  • Free-range, New Zealand raised
  • Frozen
  • One piece of ± 900g
  • Halal Certified
  • Enjoy with a classic Bordeaux

New Zealand Lamb Boneless Loin

Longdown Boneless Loin is prepared from the Shortloin, which is found between the rack and legs. The bones are removed to provide an easy to carve and quick to cook piece, with a blanket of external fat protecting the meat underneath. Longdown Lamb is the most tender Lamb you will ever eat. Bred exclusively for tenderness it has gone through rigorous customer satisfaction testing, to ensure ultimate perfection. This has taken years to perfect, and we are the exclusive UK retailer for this product.

Containing one ±700g piece per pack, ready to season and put straight in the oven, the stress of family dinner will be long gone. Longdown Lamb provides consistency and succulence perfect to adorn your plates on a Sunday lunchtime through to a midweek supper. The delicious flavour from slices of roasted Lamb Loin is pleasing to the most decerning palate.

Longdown Lambs full-flavour enables home cooks to really experiment when combining other flavours and also textures alongside the melt in the mouth and tender piece of meat. A slightly controversial pairing is Lamb and Goats Cheese, well we adore it! Roast the Lamb Loin and serve with a Goats Cheese salad with roasted almonds and braised cabbage. After the Lamb has rested and all those beautiful juices are in the bottom of the pan, pour over the braised cabbage to add an extra depth of flavour too.