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Kangaroo fillet
Kangaroo fillet
Kangaroo fillet
Kangaroo fillet
1 x Kangaroo Fillet (±0.5kg; £1.6/100g)
  • Queensland Kangaroo Fillet
  • Sourced from Eastern Queensland, Australia
  • Pair with Australian Shiraz or Chardonnay

Kangaroo Fillet Steak

Ultra lean and flavoursome, athletes and health conscious foodies love kangaroo meat for its high protein and iron and for its low-saturated fat content. It has a distinctive meaty flavour, slightly stronger than beef, but less gamey than venison.

Because it is so very lean, quickly sear it off in a smoking hot pan to medium rare at most. If it’s overcooked, it will become tough because there is absolutely no fat to keep the meat moist and tender.   

It’s perfect for the BBQ.

Daisy’s kids love it (check them out having a bite in the video!)


These Kangaroo Fillets will make four generous portions.

Health Benefits

Kangaroo meat is typically 98% lean and very high in protein and iron. Kangaroo meat has a very high concentration of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) when compared with other foods. CLA has been attributed with a wide range of health benefits including anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetes properties, in addition to reducing obesity and atherosclerosis. It is totally free of antibiotics and other chemicals common in meat from domestic animals. 

Environmentally friendly Kangaroos have a herbivorous diet similar to cattle, which release large quantities of methane. In contrast, Kangaroos release virtually none. The hydrogen byproduct of fermentation is instead converted into acetate, which is then used by the Kangroos for energy. 


This Kangaroo Fillet is produced by the Quinn family in Queensland, Australia. Their company, Aussie Game Meat, is the largest producer of Kangaroo meat in Australia. 

The Aussie Game Meat Kangaroo Fillet is from the Eastern Grey Kangaroos (Macropus giantess) and they are found in habitats ranging from semi-arid mallee scrub through woodland forests, including the most densely populated and farmed areas in eastern Australia. In Eastern Australia, there are more kangaroos than people, and they are considered pests that damage the range lands for grazing sheep. 

Each year the Australian Government surveys & monitors kangaroo populations in each Australian state to set quotas for a controlled cull which both government and animal welfare groups have deemed as necessary to prevent economic and environmental damage. 

The method of kangaroo harvesting and processing is done in a way that delivers the highest in meat safety standards while at the same time ensuring the "world's best practice" principals are adhered to in regards to animal welfare and conservation management. Once quotas have been set, accredited Field Processors commercially harvest 10% - 15% of the kangaroo population which can only be harvested from primary producing properties in Australia and must be culled using humane practices.

Strict controls ensure that no more than the quota number is actually harvested, and from the time of the humane killing of each Kangaroo their carcass is correctly handled and refrigerated to ensure that the meat for the production process is of only the highest possible quality and freshness. Field Processors are continually audited and monitored by a Government approved agency that is constantly in the field conducting snap inspections and reports directly to the Government with its findings.


You can enjoy the end of summer with our light and lean  Kangaroo Fillet by serving it with a fresh watercress salad.

An Australian Shiraz is what you want with a big hit of fruit to go with the Kangaroo Fillet Steak. You could also choose the floral notes and sweet spices on the nose of a Syrah. 

If you prefer a white, go with a high-class Mod Oz Chardonnay for its hint of buttery oakiness. 

Kangaroo Fillet Steak - it’s the ultimate sustainably sourced free range meat. 

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