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Iberico Cooked Ham
Iberico Cooked Ham
Iberico Cooked Ham
Iberico Cooked Ham: +/- 3Kg / 105.82oz
  • Iberian Pata Negra (Black Foot) Pork
  • Sourced from Extramadura Spain 
  • Will give you around 100 slices
  • Cooked Product
  • Frozen


Iberico Cooked Ham

Yet one more cut from amazing Iberian Pork – the supremely tender, juicy and very versatile cooked Ham will fit on any table. Iberico Pork comes from Extramadura region of the Iberian Peninsula of Spain.

As its precooked all you need to do is defrost it over night and then slice to serve. 

This heritage breed of ‘Sus Domesticus’ Pata Negra are fed on a mixture of grains after weaning and then exclusively on the acorns that fall from Holms Oak trees for the last few months before slaughter. 

The Pata Negra is a breed that naturally produces a heavily marbled pork, their diet of grains and acorns lends the meat a rich, dark appearance and natural, nutty flavour. The intramuscular fat contained in this meat is both delicious and healthy – it is known as olive oil meat.


We have found you can get on average just over 100 slices of ham from each piece. 


This tender and juicy precooked ham joint will be fantastic served up over this festive period, when friends and family are over and completely fed up of Turkey! Slice and serve on a platter with Jacket Potatoes, crusty bread, salads, or even left overs. 

Have a look at our delicious toasties we made with the addition of Comte Cheese and Sourdough bread. 

You could even score the fat covering, stud with cloves and cover in Marmalade or Maple Syrup. Place in an oven on 180C for 20 minutes, till it is warmed through and serve it hot with mashed potatoes for a quick and simple evening meal. 


Our Iberico Pork is supplied by Agroibericos DeRaza, the leading company in the trade of fresh and cured Iberian meat in Spain.

Founded in 1996 by Regino Diaz Del Rio, and certified under the strictest quality standards, DeRaza currently has 65 estates for raising Iberian pigs, the descendants of the original Iberian Pig, and Sus mediterranceus.

These pigs wander estates that are abundant in cork and holm oaks and feed naturally on acorns, which give the finished pork a nutty, earthy taste and aroma. DeRaza believes in the wisdom of the natural world, and raises these Iberian Pata Negra pigs in the way nature intended.

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