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  • Churra de Castilla, a Spanish Breed of Lamb
  • Reared in Spain
  • Frozen
  • One piece of ±3kg
  • Pair with a Crianza

Suckling Lamb Half Carcass

Suckling Lambs found in the UK and Europe are fed only on milk, producing a subtle slightly sweet flavour which is less gamey than older lambs. The meat is tender and lighter in shade with the fat being brilliant white. Hind Legs are the back legs from the Lamb, with the leg bone running through the centre.

Each pack contains one, Half Carcass around ±2.8 kg each. Cooked in a wood-based barbecue is where you get the authentic taste of the region this Suckling Lamb is traditionally from in Spain. There they would cook it in an oven similar to a Clay Pizza oven, with a wood fire inside, allowing that smokey flavour to add character and depth to the flavour of this luxurious piece of meat.

If like us, you don’t have a Pizza Oven with an open log fire inside it to hand, we have tried cooking this on a Barbecue, in the cold one Christmas. Seasoned with Onions, Garlic, Sage, Salt, and either lard or oil. Place skin side down in a tray with lamb stock, to help retain moisture in the meat. Cook skin side down for one hour at 160, after which time remove from the oven and turn over. Baste the lamb in the juices caught in the tray. Put back in the barbecue for a further 45 minutes. Wrap in tin foil and allow to rest on the side for 25 minutes. Serve with slices of fried potatoes with the liquor from the lamb poured over them.