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  • Raised in Yorkshire England
  • Freedown Hills F1 Wagyu Holstein Cross

Wagyu Tomahawk

This is a source of great pride for us as Freedown Hills is our very own brand of English wagyu beef raised for us in Yorkshire by the team at Warrendale Wagyu. 

Tomahawk steak is an on the bone Ribeye steak, with the entire bone left on. The long rib bone is trimmed slightly with just enough meat to allow for the carnivore in us to nibble all that gorgeous meat off. With all the delicious intramuscular fat that releases its flavours during cooking plus the extra richness from the rib bone giving it a sweet gelatinous taste, this piece leaves quite an impression and is an ideal dinner table discussion. The olive feed that is added to the diet enhances the umami flavours and tenderness of the meat whilst also, by increasing the monounsaturated fats, giving a beautiful lightness in the bite and on the palate that sets it apart.