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  • Raised in Yorkshire England
  • Freedown Hills F1 Wagyu Holstein Cross
  • One piece of ±450g
  • Dry-aged for 30 days for the best flavour and texture
  • Juicy and full of rich, deep flavour
  • Enjoy with a bold red wine

Freedown Hills Olive Fed Wagyu Bone-In Dry Aged Ribeye Steak

Our wagyu beef is rich, full-flavoured and tender. The process of dry aging meat intensifies flavours and increases tenderness. Enough said? Our joints of meat are aged in what is arguably the most proficient dry aging fridge in Europe for 30 days before being steaked, packed and frozen. Cook the steaks briefly on each side on a high heat to achieve the glorious, golden caramelisation (the Maillard reaction), then place in a warm oven for a few further minutes. Pour yourself a glass of fine red wine, relax and prepare to calmly savour what should be one of the best steaks that you will have ever been lucky enough to enjoy.