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Foie Gras Lobes: 0.6Kg / 21.16oz
  • Essential luxury ingredient for all food connoisseurs
  • Perfect for pate and parfait and pan frying
  • Imported from the South-West of France
  • Frozen

Foie Gras

What is the best product for your home made pate? Of course, it is one and only duck Foie Gras!

Its exceptional flavours can be tweaked by addition of red wine, port or smoked poultry (Hot Smoked Duck Breast will make it the best pate your guest have ever tried!).

Lobe of Foie Gras will need to be brought to room temperature prior to cleaning liver from the veins. You should leave your liver out of the fridge for 3 hours, so it gets softer and pulling tiny veins will be easier. During this process break your Foie Gras into cubes.

Next step is marinating – use salt and pepper, red wine, port or cognac to marinate. Leave in the fridge for the night for flavours to be absorbed. Pre heat the oven to 120℃, lay your Foie Gras cubes on the flat tray leaving a bit of room between each cube. Put your tray in the oven for 2 minutes, after this time take it out and turn the cubes, so they can cook thoroughly and put back in the oven for another 2 minutes.

When Foie Gras is out of the oven, place the cooked live on the cling film and roll it (with only small amount of fat). Place your rolled Foie Gras in the fridge for 12 hours to cool completely. Voila! Your terine can now be served on a brioche! Sprinkle a bit of orange juice on top if you wish.


1 raw Lobe of approximately 600gr will make around 400gr of cooked Terine. It will serve a four people as a starter.


Our Foie Gras is produced in France, mainly in the Pays de La Loire region. The region has all the essential characteristics needed to raise Foie Gras ducks successfully. The mild coastal climate, the quality of pasture and a tradition of poultry farming are all reasons why some 80% of French ducklings are born in the Loire area.

The breed is Mulard (not to be confused with Mallard, which is a non-domesticated wild duck species) which are free range eating a 100% vegetable diet mainly corn and fresh grasses as they roam.

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Written by Nikifor, a chef, guitarist and Freedown Food account manager