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Diced Crocodile: 1Kg 
  • Perfect for Low Fat, High Protein diets
  • Serves 5
  • Sourced from specialised farms in South Africa

Crocodile Diced

Crocodile meat is white and its taste is an unusual combination of flavours between chicken and fish, texture is similar to that of cod. Since it is low in fat and calories and high in protein, it can be great addition to your diet!

It’s an amazing product for those loving to play around with new, exciting textures and flavours. We've found that our Diced Crocodile is perfect for casseroles or skewered kebabs, which are both great ways to try this exciting meat.

Crocodile meat absorbs flavours very easily; marinate it 30 minutes before cooking and all of your spices will go through the meat perfectly. There are about as many ways to cook it as you can think of: make it a red Tai curry, cook the soup, fry your tiny escalopes with the choice of sauce or wrap pieces in a Parma ham and grill it. If you prefer to make it even simpler add only salt, pepper and garlic and sprinkle lemon juice, fry it in butter. Delicious!

How surprised will your guests will be when you offer them Crocodile at your dinner party?


Five people will happily enjoy the main course from 1kg of Crocodile. If you’re considering a tapas dinner party, you will get many small pieces of Crocodile for all your guests to enjoy!


Our Crocodile comes from farms in South Africa. This meat is sold under CITES agreement. Research shows farming a crocodile is good for environment, as farmers will release juvenile crocodilians into the wild to support steady population growth.

Another positive of farming these animals for environment is that the luxury goods industry has a reliable stream of product; they don't have to resort to illegal poaching to obtain skins.

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Written by Nikifor, a chef, guitarist and Freedown Food account manager