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Whole Choice US Grain Fed Flank Steak
Whole Choice US Grain Fed Flank Steak
Whole Choice US Grain Fed Flank Steak
Whole Choice US Grain Fed Flank Steak

2 x Choice US Grain Fed Bavette Flank Steaks: 2 x 0.750kg / 2 x 26.45oz

  • Sourced from American Midwest Ranches 
  • EU certified hormone free
  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Long horn cattle
  • Pair with Merlot or a Pinot Noir

Choice US Grain Fed Bavette Flank Steak

The Choice Flank Steak Bavette is a fantastic cut of meat, full of flavour and extremely tender coming from the abdominal muscles of the cattle.

There is a misconception that this cut is tough, but because our cattle are fed on grain, the Choice Flank Steak Bavette is very tender, perfect for steaking, it's the preferred cut for fajitas. Saute or grill to enhance its robust flavour and firm, juicy texture. The Bavette also makes a delicious standby for steak sandwiches and week night dinners. 


Each pack contains two 0.750kg pieces and will serve 4.


Our USDA graded Choice Beef comes to us from cattle ranches in the US Midwest. USDA grading requires supervision and testing that is more stringent than non-certified programs. Only 2% of the beef raised in the US is certified for EU export.

Our suppliers pride themselves on full animal traceability from birth ranch to finishing. Carefully controlled, high-quality corn based feed produces well-marbled, tender beef raised in a wholly natural manner.

It takes longer and creates more work to raise cattle using these guidelines, but we think it's the right thing to do.


Bavette is the classic French favourite. Just add some sea salt and fry pan it. Once rested, carve across the grain and serve skinny sweet potato chips and a fresh, seasonal, leafy green salad.

Our Choice Flank Steak Bavette pairs well with Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Or if you’d prefer to make it an All-American meal, why not try a Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon Old Fashioned? The alcohol from the Whiskey will cleanse your palette and leave you ready for more.

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For two decades, Freedown Food has been supplying the finest meat available to top Michelin Star restaurants in the UK.

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