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  • Landrace, Larwhite, and Duroc Breeds
  • Reared in Spain
  • Frozen
  • Contains 1 piece, each ± 6.5kg
  • Enjoy with a Pinot Grigio

Castilla y Leon Pork Belly Bone-in

Castilla y Leon Pork Belly Bone-in, are reared in Spain and result in an exceptionally beautiful marbled Pork Belly. The ribbons of fat layered with the meat in this cut create a sumptuous, juicy meat accompaniment to any side dishes.

Containing one ±6.5kg piece per pack, this can be cut into smaller roasting joints, slices for ‘bacon’ or lardons. We love to serve this cut whole at the table for friends, family and guests to tuck into. The sounds of the crackling snappy, and the delight as they all get to tuck into this perfect piece of meat.

A classic Roasted Pork Belly recipe is the ideal way to showcase the Castilla y Leon Pork Belly off, let the meat shin! Before roasting bring the Pork Belly to room temperature, make sure to pat dry the skin, and score with a sharp knife. Liberally rub Maldon Sea Salt over the skin and into the score marks finishing with a drizzle of oil. In a deep baking tray put onions, celery and carrot chunks, place the Belly on top. Put into a preheated oven at 220 for 45 minutes or until the crackling is really starting to crisp up. Then turn down the heat to 140 – 160, add to the tray chicken stock and a glug of white wine or cider, making sure not to touch the skin. Put back into the oven and cook for a further 3 hours. The meat will be soft and tender, and the crackling a rich golden brown colour. If the crackling isn’t quite ready just turn up the heat and cook for 15 minutes at the end. Use the juices and vegetables to make gravy, allow the meat to rest for around 20 minutes.