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Whole Wagyu Fillet BMS 6-7
Whole Wagyu Fillet BMS 6-7
    • Premium Wagyu Fillet
    • BMS 6-7
    • Sourced from Darling Downs, Australia
    • Pairs extremely well with a Shiraz or a dry traditional Rosé de Provence
    • Halal

    Wagyu Fillet BMS 6-7

    Our exquisitely tender Wagyu Fillet steaks are a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a special meat-lovers meal or a knock-out dinner party sharing platter. These great steaks bring people together, and they make a delicious gift to red wine lovers, since beef and big reds partner beautifully.  

    The higher 6-7 BMS marbling offers a deeply satisfying buttery richness not often found in other beef. Fork tender, their texture is smooth and creamy.

    The Fillet is one of the leanest and most highly regarded cuts of meat available. The ribbons of intra-muscular fat running through these thick fillets melt gently in your mouth, providing a truly unique dining experience for everyone gathered around the table.  

    This Premium Wagyu Fillet BMS 6-7 is meat to surely please yo