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Prime US Grain Fed Striploin Steak
Prime US Grain Fed Striploin Steak
1 x Prime US Grain Fed Striploin Steak: ±300g
  • Sourced from American Midwest Ranches
  • EU certified 100% Hormone Free
  • Frozen
  • Pairs beautifully with a Borolo or a Malbec

Prime US Grain Fed Beef Steak

Taken from the Striploin, a muscle on the back of the animal that does little work, this steak is thick cut to produce a juicy flavor piece of meat. Incredibly tender and with a great taste, this steak is perfect for a dinner where you’re aiming to impress – whether a romantic meal, a meal for the boys, or just a treat for yourself – this is guaranteed to tickle any meat lovers' taste buds.

As with all our US Grain Finished products expect a decent whack of marbling – this fat will melt to provide a buttery smooth and gentle flavour. This particular steak is graded by the USDA as ‘Prime’.