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  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Longhorn cattle
  • Sourced from the Midwest of America
  • Enjoy with a Spicy Zinfandel

Prime US Grain Fed Beef Ribeye

Prime US Grain Fed Beef Ribeye is by far one of the most delicious pieces of meat you can cut a steak from. With the eye of fat running through the middle of the muscle, when cooked the delicious umami flavour is released and bastes the steak. US Grain Fed Beef has been fed for 100 days on Grain, it is this that produces a very tender and juicy piece of meat, with beautiful intramuscular fat. The Prime US Beef having and an abundant amount of fat interspersed with lean meat. The stunning flecks of fat marbled throughout ensure the meat will not be dry out too quickly during cooking or get tough and chewy. When you eat US Grain-fed Beef it is soft, tender and juicy.

Ribeye can be cut into roasting joints, steaks. It is found under the front end of the backbone and is used mainly for support. With more fat than its other half, the Striploin, it is juicier and much richer in flavour. The taste is what makes our Prime Ribeye Whole Muscle so popular. With its hearty blend of marbling and texture that delivers mouth-watering flavour and tenderness.

One of Meat Me At Home's favourite customers recently ordered this muscle for a Sunday roast. Here are his recommendations:

" I caramelized black garlic, powdered ceps, treacle and horseradish, salt’n’pepper, then cooked sous vide for approx. 16hrs and then finished on the BBQ. Served with a ragout of shin of beef (for the sauce) Yorkies, Roasties and Sunday veg. Was all great and had cold beef and Yorkshire Pud sandwiches on Monday."