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Whole Prime US Grain Fed Fillet
Whole Prime US Grain Fed Fillet
  • Sourced from American Midwest Ranches
  • EU certified hormone free
  • Primarily Black Angus breed crossed with American Long horn cattle
  • Goes well with a Red Burgundy or modern Italian Red

Whole Prime US Grain Fed Fillet

Prime USDA Fillet is one of the most admired cuts of US beef in the world, no wonder it is referred to as 'the king of steaks'. USDA Prime Grade has the highest rating of a combined high ratio of marbling with the youngest maturity of beef. That's why prime is the most flavourful and most tender with the finest of texture.

The plush, decadent texture of our Prime US Grain Finished Whole Fillet is incomparable.

Anyone who has savoured a USDA Prime Graded Steak knows that it is delightfully tender and juicy with a buttery flavour which makes it distinctively superior to any other steak.

USDA Prime Beef Fillet is cut from the short loin of the cow, a section from the lower back between the ribs and the round. When the short loin is cut as an entire strip, it is called the "tenderloin." When sliced into individual steaks, it is called "filet mignon" and "chateaubriand."

You need to focus on the appearance of the fillet steaks. A good fillet steak should be bright red and fresh looking with little or no fat. It is very lean with almost no fat running through it, which means it has less flavour than other cuts; it’s the meat’s soft texture that is most prized. It is usually the most expensive piece of beef available and should be cooked with care so as not to destroy its virtues.