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  • Angus Breed
  • Reared in Cain Valley, Wales
  • Frozen
  • Contains 1 ± 300g steak
  • Enjoy with a spicy Zinfandel


UK Grass Fed Ribeye Steak


UK Grass Fed Ribeye is by far one of the most delicious pieces of meat you can cut a steak from. With the eye of fat running through the middle of the muscle, when cooked the delicious minerally taste reminds us of what Beef should really taste like. Reared in the heart of the Cain Valley in Wales, UK. Being grass fed gives the meat a meatier and more gamey flavour when compared to Grain Fed Beef.


Containing one ±300g steak, the Ribeye is by far the most popular steak in the world. With all the delicious fat marbled in the meat plus the eye of fat in the middle, when cooked renders into the meat giving extra flavour and a juicy tender texture.


We always recommend bringing your steak up to room temperature about 30 minutes before cooking. This is to ensure even cooking throughout. Season the steak liberally with Maldon Sea Salt and a little oil, cook on either side for 2 – 3 minutes till a delectable even crust has formed. After which remove from the pan and cover, letting rest for 5 minutes. Serve alongside Roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with cumin and garam masala for a light warmth, and griddled asparagus when in season.