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1 x Suckling Goat Hind Leg

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  • Reared in Spain
  • ±550g; £27.28/kg
  • Frozen

Suckling Goat Hind Leg

It is a perfect choice for whether you want to do host a BBQ simply cook it in the oven. With its sweet, delicate flavour, goats meat is a perfect alternative to other usual meats and is a suitable choice for someone trying to keep those saturated fats low in their diets!

Cooking Tips For Steaks

- For frozen steaks, thaw overnight in the fridge.
- Bring the steak to room temperature 20 minutes before cooking
- Pat dry
- Season the steak generously with table salt and a little olive oil (or other high-heat cooking oils). This helps form that amazing crust we all know and love about great steaks.
- Get your skillet smoking hot before putting the steak in.
- Cook the steak on either side for 2-4 minutes or until the meat is forming a stunning golden crust to it.
- Half way through cooking, we like basting it with butter and a few branches of fresh thym.
- Remove from the heat and let it rest for 5-10 minutes under aluminum foil as it will allow juices to reabsorb into the meat and the fibres to relax.


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1 x Suckling Goat Hind Leg

  • Spain

Customer Reviews

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Quality, as always

A wonderful piece of meat. Roasted this simply with garlic, rosemary and potatoes as I did not want the flavour of the goat meat to be overwhelmed. Looking forward to cooking this again - would be great in the summer on the barbecue with a zesty tabouleh.

Thank you for your positive feedback! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed our Suckling Goat Hind Leg. We agree, it is a versatile and delicious meat that can be enjoyed in various ways. We appreciate your suggestion of using it on the barbecue with a zesty tabouleh - it sounds like a perfect summer dish. We look forward to serving you again in the future. Happy cooking!