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Bored of chicken and looking for a more exciting alternative to beef? Full flavoured exotic ostrich meat is perfect for creating sensational tasting cuisine. The red meat of this South African delicacy is sweeter and richer tasting than most other beef alternatives. Despite having only 2% fat, our luxury ostrich meat is every bit as tender as a prime cut of steak. Since it’s extremely lean, succulent ostrich meat cooks quicker than most other types of meat without losing any of its rich taste.

This tasty and healthy meat is easy incorporated into a balanced diet and it’s an ideal way to bring a little bit of luxury into everyday life. Premium Ostrich meat and Ostrich burgers are guaranteed to add depth and richness to a variety of recipes.

At Meat Me at Home we use the finest suppliers to ensure that our ostrich meat for sale is of the highest quality. Our premium cuts are bursting with flavour, packed with iron and lower in cholesterol than other types of red meat. Ostrich meat is also low in collagen so it’s one of the most digestible types of red meat available. Breakaway from the norm with exciting Ostrich meat. Turn ordinary dishes into exotic gourmet meals with our premium selection of Ostrich meat.

Browse our range of Ostrich meat online at Meat Me at Home today!

Michelin Star Meat - For You at Home

From Michelin Star restaurants to your home, Meat Me at Home’s range of ethically sourced, succulent meat comes from Freedown Food’s experienced suppliers. For over 20 years, top Michelin Starred chefs have chosen Freedown Food’s exotic and luxury meats for the exceptional quality, succulent texture and outstanding taste. Shop online at Meat Me at Home to discover why the UK’s top chefs choose Freedown Food.