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Originating from the archives of the Forbidden City emperors, the meat paste has been around for over 3000 years. Traditionally eaten as a relish to accompany steamed rice, however over time it has evolved into an umami building block in many other dishes.

Taste notes: Sweet umami, richness from the wagyu rendered oil, salty, slightly spicy.

Ingredients: Australian wagyu beef, sugar, salt, fermented soy beans, sesame, chilli, vegetable oil, preservatives.

Use for:

  • Dip for meat / fish / vegetables.
  • Instead of ketchup.
  • Base for salad dressings.
  • Add oil to create a flavoured oil.
  • In stir fries instead of other condiments such as oyster sauce.
  • To finish soups as you would with a rouille or pesto.
  • Add to fried rice / noodle dishes.
  • As a condiment for soup noodles.

P.S. this is an Add-On product, which means you need to have any meat item(s) from the whole of MMAH selection in your basket to purchase this or other sauce(s).