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Most widely seen in Hong Kong. This sauce is very similar to the famous XO sauce from the 1960s, only it does not contain dried scallops or cured ham.

Taste notes: roasted shellfish, salty, umami.

Ingredients: dried shrimps, garlic, chilli, salt, sugar, fermented broad beans, vegetable oil, preservatives

Use for:

  • Dip for meat / fish / vegetables.
  • Instead of ketchup.
  • Base for salad dressings.
  • In stir fries instead of other condiments such as oyster sauce.
  • To finish soups as you would with a rouille or pesto.
  • To finish steamed or grilled fish dishes as you would like with a flavoured butter.
  • Add to fried rice / noodle dishes.
  • As a condiment for soup noodles.

P.S. this is an Add-On product, which means you need to have any meat item(s) from the whole of MMAH selection in your basket to purchase this or other sauce(s).