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US Grain Finished Beef

Tender, juicy, and beautifully marbled, US Beef is recognized worldwide for its succulence and flavour. The cattle are fed on grass and then finished for the last 100 – 150 days of its 24-month life on a carefully balanced grain diet, making the beef sweet and succulent with a noticeable improvement in marbling through the muscle.

Grain-Finished cattle from the US, which are mainly produced from Black Angus and Black Angus cross-breed cattle, consistently produce beef of the highest quality. The tenderness and taste clearly distinguish it from most other meat originating from Europe or South America, where cattle are raised exclusively on grass.

The high standards of US Beef are the result of extensive research in cattle breeding. Only a limited variety of breeds are used to ensure consistent quality cattle and subsequently a consistent top quality meat.

Flecks of intramuscular fat in the lean muscle – is an important indication of quality in meat. Marbling in beef raises palatability by increasing tenderness, juiciness, and flavour. The fine marbling in US Beef is the result of grain finishing. US Beef is graded in correlation with the amount of intramuscular fat, Meat Me At Home, only supplies Prime and Choice grade of US Beef. Prime US Grain Fed Beef has the most amount of intramuscular fat and is great for roasts and steaks, the is also the grade favoured by restaurants and hotels.

US Beef exported to the EU originates from animals that have never been treated with growth promotants. Only beef produced from animals raised in accordance with the Non-Hormone Treated Cattle, NHTC, program can enter the EU.